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Next level tech

To provide high-performant solutions, you need next level tech. The latest technology, next level processes and people. We know, because we were in financial technology long before it was called ‘fintech’. That’s why we bridge the worlds of business and technology with extensive domain expertise, full-stack technical skills and operational excellence.

Next level tech means:

  • Latest technology: we take care of the latest and hottest technologies for you, including everything related to decentralized tech, Web3, crypto.
  • Next level processes: this is about the way we work. We collaborate directly with you, in an intimate partnership. We are outspoken and direct because we are pushing every day to add value. Together.
  • Top tech talent:  We aim to create a climate of inspiration and aspiration for our clients and all team members.

Our focus is to transform business ideas or challenges into sustainable technical solutions. We consult the client in making the right technical call, as well as create cross-functional teams to deliver the product according to the client’s expectations in terms of market changes, timelines, budget, etc. Our technical expertise starts with .NET Framework, .NET Core and Java on the backend, continues with Angular, React and Vue.js for the frontend.

We are customizing our solutions depending on the client’s context, being experienced in: creating business driven platform architectures, developing custom APIs and integrate with 3rd parties, structuring and professionalizing processes and workflows, migrating monolith platforms to microservices architectures, increase code quality, maintaining and updating the solution’s architecture to keep up with the changes in business, as well as offering business knowledge in highly regulates industries such as Fintech and Healthcare.

Shipping new features into production automatically, continuously validating them across several stages of development also means having a clear working process as well as strong data-protection policies and safe-guards for keeping the systems operational through each release. Therefore, our experts have designed a holistic quality assurance process based on five key components: testing, data security, development, operability, and process.

Working for 16 years in highly regulated industries such as Fintech and Healthcare meant managing our clients’ products under strict policies and procedures for securing data as well as keeping the systems operational with every release. This means we have a comprehensive logging & monitoring setup in place, reliable CI/CD pipelines, enough automated tests to allow us to validate changes before they reach production, but also a well-documented access control system.

Continuous adaptation to the market changes requires a team to be dynamic and able to deliver the product frequently and predictably. Our DevOps teams are working collaboratively throughout the product lifecycle to increase the speed and quality of software development. This results into predictable quality releases to your customers.

Our specialists implement and adapt DevOps strategies so that our clients benefit from the positive effect on their business. The key is to bring code changes to the market as fast as possible and we achieve this by creating reusable continuous delivery pipelines, fully automating the build, test, and deployment processes. Afterwards, when changes are running in a production environment, our engineers monitor complex infrastructures using specialized tools to assess system stability, security, and performance, but also act when needed.

Our team of support engineers uses a well-thought ticketing system (osTicket) that ensures reliability and transparency on open tickets as well as faster communication on resolving items. The clients have access to the system where they can open tickets which our Technical Support Team will analyze and address according to the SLAs.

The Technical Support Team understands all potential impacts of a defect, assesses the systems to identify the root cause and our software engineers determine solutions to resolve the defect while documenting the procedures and impact of the solutions.

Platforms have different needs when it comes to maintenance and technical support, that’s why we provide flexible maintenance and technical support services which depend on the different activities we perform.

How we work

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