Our focus is to transform business ideas or challenges into sustainable technical solutions. We consult our clients in taking the best technical decisions and our specialists are trained in handling scenarios such as:

  • Creating personalized business driven platform architectures
  • Developing custom APIs and integrate with 3rd parties
  • Structuring and professionalizing processes and workflows
  • Migrating monolith platforms to microservices architectures
  • Increasing code quality
  • Maintaining and updating the solution’s architecture to keep up with changes in business

Our goal is to help our clients provide their customers with a reliable and performant product, that’s why we think it is important for our developers to be certified in their area of expertise. Therefore, 80% of our developers have the following certifications: Microsoft Azure Developer Associate, Microsoft Specialist, and .NET Framework certifications as well as Web Applications related certifications.

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Quality Assurance

In Maxcode we strongly believe that quality is not just about the functional testing phase. Shipping new features into production automatically, continuously validating them across several stages of development also means having a clear working process as well as strong data-protection policies and safe-guards for keeping the systems operational through each release. Therefore, our experts have designed a holistic quality assurance process based on five key components: testing, data security, development, operability, and process.

Our specialists audit the context of every solution against the QA standard and issue a custom report with recommendations aiming to optimize all components that are evaluated. Alongside this report, they also formulate an action plan outlining key areas that need to be addressed, setup priorities and estimate the impact that changes will have in increasing the quality of the product.

The quality assurance step in the development process of a product is, in our opinion, the most important one. Our guarantee is that implementing the Maxcode quality process will help you offer your customers a better experience in using your product, deliver a reliable product faster, as well as reduce the implementation costs.

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Continuous adaptation to the market changes requires a team to be dynamic and able to deliver the product frequently and predictably. Our DevOps teams are working collaboratively throughout the product lifecycle to increase the speed and quality of software development. This results into predictable quality releases to your customers.

Our DevOps engineers are well-versed in setting up complex cloud infrastructures, usually working with infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform or CloudFormation, to provision cloud setups in Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud and experienced with:

  • Defining and managing cloud infrastructures (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services) through code
  • Automating the execution and management of builds
  • Automating the creation and management of releases
  • Optimizing or redesigning an infrastructure for established platforms considering a target budget
  • Facilitating wide-scale releases of new products
    and many others

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