Software Development Services for Start-ups

If you are a start-up, the distinctive characteristic that might come to mind is the always-changing dynamic. Your goal is to be an industry leader and stay ahead of the competition. To do so, you need to dominate your market by listening to the trends and customer’s needs. Maxcode’s role is to support you with software development so that you can focus on creating a business strategy, attracting new clients and other aspects that help you draw the next milestone for your product.

We can become your partner by providing:

  • Custom-software development and testing
  • Assistance in creating a professional development team
  • Adaptation to your own processes
  • Product business consultancy
  • Adaptation to market changes without compromising quality
  • Versatility in technologies, tasks, and team capacity
  • Technical consultancy on architecture, infrastructure, security, usability
  • Business knowledge in industry domains
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Software Development Services for SMEs/Scale-up

If you are a business that grew from a one-man band to a significant size almost overnight, having the systems and software to support operations through this growth and into the future is essential. At this point, it is important to create a strategy and build a roadmap for the product.

This is where Maxcode can step in by providing you with:

  • Custom software development and testing
  • Assistance in creating a professional team as well as the ability to smoothly integrate our team with existent teams
  • Process consultancy and improvements
  • Hosting and support
  • Versatility and adaptability in team capacity
  • Integrations with existing platforms
  • Assistance with application audit and improvements
  • Business knowledge in industry domains
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Software Development Services for Corporates

If you are a corporate, your main business is already successful. Nevertheless, you still receive requests from your clients to customise the services you offer. This could mean an adjustment to your existing platform or service, a direct integration between your system and the customer’s system or even developing a new product for one of your customers. Who knows, maybe even a new internal product will help you manage your services better.

In all of these cases, Maxcode can help you by providing:

  • Custom software development and testing
  • Versatility, adaptability in team capacity and integration with existing teams
  • Fast adaptation to company processes
  • Maintenance/hosting and support
  • Professionalism, delivering based on product need
  • Ability to work on side projects, internal products, tools, and components
  • Business consultancy with regards to technologies needed for new components, estimations
  • Business knowledge on industry domains
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