Our Services

Tailor made software and IT outsourcing

We provide tailor-made software and IT outsourcing

Developing an online enterprise platform takes more than building a showcase website.  Complexity of some processes are to be translated into logical, intuitive interfaces. Making daily processes timesaving, pleasant and reliable, whether it concerns dossiers, transactions, or consolidating information.

You have ambitious ideas and are looking for resourceful software engineers who are eager to turn your ideas into a success. Your goal is to cover all needs including those of your users. You need a sustainable solution, meaning reliable, maintainable, solid and future proof. We want to be part of that adventure, collaborate with you and be your partner.

Solutions – From start to end, we got you covered

Bring us the idea or the problem, and we will develop or fix it for you. Because not only do we bring the smartest software to life, we care about the product and its place in the market.

From the design of the application, we develop, maintain and support the systems we build.

We are fluent in technical languages, we research the domains we work for, and we put in the effort to make sure that the solution is new and revolutionary not just from a technical standpoint, but also within the industry it serves.

In addition, we support these efforts by providing business assistance, through market analysis or thought leading content.

Also, since most products require constant changes and updates in order to fulfil new market needs, we can setup a production chain to accommodate continuous delivery. So with us, you don’t just get software, you get a collaboration that will enable your growth within your domain.

Worry-free Experience – Solid, reliable, and easy to use systems

For us, a solid system is not a trade-off to a smooth client experience. Because we care about it all. We build systems that are both reliable as well as easy to use for clients and their users. This is why we put in all the effort to make sure we are both compliant as well as secure when building your products.

All this happens without sacrificing the user experience or the intuitive way of working within the application for the client. Over the past 15 years, we have learned that a smart product can have it all. And we have gained the trust of our clients, by providing them with systems that are both easy to use, as well as solid and secure.


Technology stack & know-how

The quality of our software solutions lies in the expertise of our teams who use best practices and modern technologies to implement ideas and transform them into successful products.

Technical skills are an important asset and our teams consist of technical skilled people. They all have a balanced mix of seniors, mediors, and juniors. Besides technical know-how each team has an outstanding business understanding of the domain they are active in.

Cloud solutions

Microsoft Azure and AWS

Server-side development

Microsoft .NET Framework, Java

Client-side development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular)

Mobile development

iOS, Android

Process and quality

SonarQube, Jira, Azure Devops Server