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If it feels like home, it must be home

We are proud to be one of the oldest software development companies in Iasi, Romania. Slowly, but steadily we are growing since we started in Iasi, in 2005. Our family of employees and alumni has grown into a community of connections and friendships that has helped mature both the company and the IT industry of the city.

It might sound as a cliché, yet we like to think that in a sea of growing opportunities, we have brought something different and special.

We always believed in challenges and opportunities and were one of the first companies to embrace Scrum, not because it was cool or we had to, but because we knew even back then that it will make a difference and we were invested full-on, from management to our clients, who were open to this change. We were also one of the first to see the value of a balanced life for our employees over the so-called “work hard, play-harder mentality”, because we strongly believe that happiness of the Maxcode family members is the most important asset of the company.

We are definitely strong supporters of openness and communication, within our teams and company, as well as with our clients. Our values and beliefs are shared with our customers at the beginning of our partnership, which leads to a successful and fruitful relationship.

And the formula is now complete: happy developers + open communication + passion = great projects.

The main secret behind a successful project is (drumroll) people. And we believe and invest in people, their passions, ambitions and future. We always encourage them to grow and seek whatever opportunities come their way, from speaking at events, to mentoring new colleagues and getting involved in internal projects. When push comes to shove, we support their pursuit of a new home and family within another company, as we know that the trust and bond we created will not fade over time, and we will always be proud of our Maxcode ambassadors and their journey.

Journeys that even turned into new and strong companies in the Iasi IT community, companies that we value, support and collaborate with. We are proud of every story that turned into a success and every experience that created a new Maxcode family member. This is the essence of Maxcode – we don’t ask for countless reasons to join us, just one: “You have to feel at home”. And if it feels like home, it must be home.

Feel free to inquire, feel free to visit and feel open to join a family and home.

Have a look at our vacancies or at our code. If you have any questions regarding working at Maxcode or want to know more about one of our vacancies feel free to contact me at

Medior .NET Developer

Location: Iasi, Romania

We are looking for a bright, dynamic, and committed person to join our development team as a mid .NET developer. If you are comfortable being actively involved in all phases of a project, sharing and debating your ideas, and you are constantly interested in learning and improving your skills, then we would love to get in touch.

Medior WinForms Developer

Location: Iasi, Romania

We are in the process of developing and improving the platform of an enterprise traceability and analytics company that empowers hospitals and suppliers to improve patient safety, optimize their inventory management, and increase their savings. They are active in Europe and have recently expanded successfully in the US as well. And we're extending the team with an addition of really great WinForms engineers. Could this be something for you?

Senior .NET Developer

Location: Iasi, Romania

We are looking for an inventive and dedicated person to join our development team as senior .NET developer. If you are comfortable being actively involved in all phases of a project as well as taking the lead, sharing and debating your ideas, and constantly being involved in improving your skills as well as sharing your knowledge, then we would love to get in touch.

Perks of working at Maxcode

  • Ability to learn from smart and talented people, who care about building quality software as much as you do
  • Tight-knit Scrum teams, focused on delivering quality work at the end of each sprint.
  • An open community that won’t push you to do overtime and that will listen to you and your opinion
  • Flexible hours and the ability to work from home temporarily
  • Modern office equipment, from furniture to hardware
  • A private medical subscription at Arcadia
  • Parties, team-buildings and movie nights
  • Fresh fruit twice a week
  • Soft drinks
  • Funny people

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process has two main steps:

  • The first one is a meet up discussion where we get to know you (and you get to know us). This first stage will be focused on communication, social skills, algorithms and logical thinking abilities, which we find fundamental for a good integration of the new members with our teams.
  • If you moved on to the next step: congrats! Now a second interview takes place in which the focus is shifted to your technical skills. In most cases, an assignment is part of the application procedure.

Since Maxcode works according to Scrum, all team members are expected to discuss functionality or design with the Product Owner, discussions that take place in English. It is therefore important you are confident in speaking English or are willing to learn and become comfortable fast.