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MyBank is one of the fastest growing new online payment solutions in the European market. The MyBank product was launched in 2013 after an initial pilot in Italy. Currently, 140+ banks in 3 countries actively support MyBank. The product is owned by Preta, a new organization founded in 2014 and controlled by EBA CLEARING. Maxcode is the IT partner of Preta. Since the early days of MyBank, we have been involved in developing the MyBank test tool based on the latest product specifications of MyBank. The test tool is used by all participants prior to their MyBank launch or product update to self-certify their implementation of MyBank.

iDEAL Availability

The number of iDEAL transactions is constantly increasing. More and more merchants, consumers, and companies that offer payment services rely on its availability. Some initiatives were launched claiming to measure and report iDEAL’s availability. Consequently, the press started quoting these findings. However, it's not that simple to pinpoint the exact cause or consequence of disturbances related to iDEAL, since for every payment a staggering amount of information is exchanged between four actors in the iDEAL protocol.

Beter Leven

Beter Leven provides work (occupational) related health care. Their service offers a complete package: from health check and diagnosis to coaching and improving lifestyle. In order to do this effectively and at the same time look for means to keep motivating the client during the coaching, Beter Leven managed to find a balance between using Internet technology and face-to-face contact throughout the full trajectory. Combining services from several specialist suppliers (e.g. laboratories, medical questionnaires, etc.) Maxcode created an Internet-based application that arranges dossiers and streamlines workflow.


We’ve been collaborating with Dutch retail bank ING for more than a decade. One of Maxcode’s recently developed products was a test shop for testing various integrations with iDEAL, ING Merchant Services, eMandates, and iDIN schemes. In early 2016, ING used the application on a closed user group to monitor service availability at recurring intervals in the future.


AcceptEasy offered Maxcode the opportunity to build an ultra-modern billing & payment platform based on the latest technology. It resulted in an innovative service (SaaS) facilitating consumers and small corporates to securely initiate a bill payment straight from an email or mobile phone. In a 3-click process, the payment is completed without manual data (re)entry, resulting in full control for the payer, better convenience, and speed than paper bills or web-based portals.


In The Netherlands, most consumers pay for products in shops with debit cards, like Maestro by MasterCard and V PAY by VISA, also known as ‘pinnen’ in the Dutch market. Betaalvereniging Nederland plays a key part in the availability of this payment product to Dutch retailers. Maxcode is an IT partner for Betaalvereniging Nederland. The company role was to develop various applications supporting the exploitation of their payment products.


SimplerInvoicing is a new foundation, servicing a network of cooperating accounting software and e-invoicing service providers. With SimplerInvoicing the way invoices are exchanged is standardized, allowing for easier exchange and integration between a large group of participants. See SimplerInvoicing for more info.

Surfnet & iDIN

We were contacted by SURFnet and asked to add iDIN as a strong authentication method to SURFconext. The purpose of the project was to help the client join the iDIN pilot organized by Dutch Payments Association. SURF is the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch education and research. It provides students, lecturers and scientists in the Netherlands access to top-tier internet and ICT facilities. Given that boosting the quality of education and research demands an advanced, reliable and interconnected ICT infrastructure, SURFnet comes into play to support, innovate, develop and operate such complex infrastructure made of both network and collaborative components.

eMandates for Direct Debit

PostNL is the largest distributor of post and parcels in The Netherlands. On their public website, they offer subscriptions to companies and individuals for postal-related services. At regular intervals, PostNL charges these subscriptions to the subscriber by recurring SEPA Direct Debit. The current mechanism for obtaining debtors a mandate is by requesting to confirm the conditions stated by ticking a checkbox.


Splintt offers digital learning solutions, customized e-learning programs and an innovative online learning platform called Philpaper. Maxcode is a long-term partner of Splintt, providing two dedicated teams that deliver e-learning solutions. The software development team works on Philpaper; a learning system for distributing, tracking and reporting online learning activities such as e-learning modules, films, animations, and documents. Philpaper is a very user-friendly and flexible SaaS solution. Easy to implement, Philpaper focuses on providing an excellent user experience. It is based on the new technical standard xAPI, which not only covers learning results (as did SCORM), but tracks the complete learning experience.

Art of Parenting

Youth care and education is the main focus area for the Horizon organization. Located in Rotterdam, the institution offers counseling, treatments and schooling programs for children and families that are experiencing complex problems because of emotional disturbances or disorders. Throughout the years, Horizon has grown into an industry expert on how to develop more effective behavior and increase the skills of those who treat, teach or are parenting children (and families) with these specific problems. The institution is also keen on sharing its knowledge and experience in ways that are also accessible to the general public.


Com-Unit is a market leader in bringing e-fulfillment solutions to the Logistics industry. Specialized in taking control of last-minute e-commerce delivery processes, the distributer is capable of making a good trip plan in an interactive graphical plan environment, constantly monitoring the location of parcels and the delivery vehicle throughout the operation. The cloud-based SpiderCargo application is used by mainstream cargo delivery, express couriers and web shops all over Europe.


Superevent is a market leader in bringing mobile solutions into the event planning scenario. With Superevent attendees have easier access to event-related material and social media profiles of speakers and other attendees. SuperEvent has been successfully applied at numerous large events and conferences, helping both visitors and organizers connect in real time, taking event software to the next level.


OK is an innovative payment method that allows consumers to pay in stores using their mobile phones. The app incorporates loyalty and discount collections seamlessly, integrating them in the payment process via QR code and barcode scanning. OK is a unique and straightforward way of using the mobile phone in areas where card or cash payment dominates, without the need for contactless chips, NFC-enabled phone or NFC-tag.

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