Digital Transformation and innovation in healthcare

Beter – the occupational health service that does it better

Case studies

Statistics show that smoking, problematic alcohol consumption and overweight are, by far the largest cause of burden of disease in The Netherlands, with thousands of deaths every year and billions in healthcare spending. Therefore, the Ministry of Health and other public organizations set objectives relating to prevention and health promotion and oversee the effective implementation of measures.

Beter, a certified health and safety service provider in The Netherlands, wanted to be part of health prevention movement and tackle the problem from another angle: the private sector. Therefore, they developed the Health Gaining Program platform in collaboration with Maxcode and other third parties to improve organizations in helping their employees prevent health issues and interpret and understand scientific data about their health.

The intuitive platform offers the possibility to the users to schedule appointments, direct communication with coaches and doctors, a coaching program and follow-up on health gaining progress.