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Our focus has been and will be on creating and delivering next level tech software solutions that improve life, and that bring fun and growth to our collective. We are a strong team of software developers who focus on building not just reliable products, but also a great relationship with our partners.


We are a passionate team of software development professionals who create and deliver polished, tailormade solutions and technical consultancy, with a focus on quality and time- to-market.


Our story

It all started in 2005, when the Maxcode founders met some young and very enthusiastic Romanian students of Computer Science, who helped set the first stones of our company. From that year on, Maxcode meant growth – in numbers, clients, as well as professionalism. Over the years, we managed to create a community, not only in Iasi, but also with our clients, who visited our delivery centers multiple times and found, besides quality of work, a welcoming spirit within their distributed team.

We are still that little diamond in IT we were 18 years ago, except we grew. Our clients have been with us for years and so have many of our employees. For many of our team mates, Maxcode proved to be a learning school, both in development-related skills as well as in entrepreneurship. Maxcode is a place where you want to learn, where you want to improve yourself. And any benefit brought to our employees is a benefit and a win for Maxcode.

We are a team that believes in personalized, character-oriented growth for each individual and that invests in effective and selective hiring so that you can work with – and among – smart and talented people.

  • Character-oriented growth – our learning process is dynamic and focused on the challenges you want to take, and the path you choose.
  • Effective and selective hiring – we have perfected our hiring process so that we can create a community of people with similar goals, interests, and skill level.
  • The right people – our learning and hiring processes have managed to bring together a group of smart and talented people, to coach them onto the path they choose, so that they can become the right people you will want to work with.
Top quality We are professional, responsible and valuable
Outspoken We are confident, convincing and clear
Open We are a partner who is emphatic and approachable
Passionate We are ambitious, inspiring and authentic
Smart We are elegant, intelligent and creative

Our collective creates a warm environment, because we are supportive team

Healthy and dynamic growth is encouraged (and sustained), in the direction of your choice

We trust our employees and their decision making – based on merit, fairness, and good employee selection

We offer competent training (with experienced, easy-going mentors), based on challenges of your own choice

We are firm believers of openness, with our empathic leaders who encourage transparency and true liberty of expression

We promise professionalism – offering career stability, as well as consistency within team and across teams

Start your career with us

  • Start your career with one of our internships
  • Develop your skills with the help of our mentors and our learning program, based on your needs
  • Build on your potential, with our assistance, to become a great professional


Perfect your career with us

  • Refine your skills with the help of our tailormade career path
  • Become a better professional with our skillmatrix based on achieving quality
  • Choose the path you want to follow, as we are flexible in our development plan
  • Become a true full-stack developer, and learn new technologies with us
  • New technologies: you will learn to work with new technologies and become a true full- stack developer, from front-end, to back-end and cloud.
  • Mentorship and learning path: we have a well-established mentorship program and personal development plan, where you can set up your goals and we will help you achieve them.
  • Events and certifications: you can focus on continuous learning, both from events and hackathons organized by us, as well as by participating in conferences or signing up for certifications that will validate your skills.