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Since 2005, Maxcode has been the IT service company that focuses on releasing new products in a fast and effective way, with the purpose of improving IT operational performance and costs. We have always been connected to the latest trends in the industries our products are designed for, as well as with our partners and clients, identifying their needs and providing the best products to fit the markets they operate in.


We’d love to hear from you! So whether you have a question about our services, our job openings, or you would just like to know us a little better, our team is ready to answer all your questions.



Andreea Zanfirescu

Business Development Manager

+40 745 499 389


The past 9 years since I joined Maxcode are defined by development, growth and versatility. My commitment was always in a great partnership with our clients, and a flawless collaboration on projects, from start to finish. My eagerness to analyze, discover and take advantage of new opportunities for Maxcode and getting involved in the evolution of the company made me perfect for the role. For me, success is a process – with dedication and passion for what you do, anything is possible.



Jules van den Berg

Managing Director

+31 70 204 23 40


My commitment is, and always will be, to the people – both colleagues and clients. I derive my accomplishment from seeing the same values embedded within the team, from helping each other to taking initiative to find solutions to any situation. For me, happiness is confirmation, from our amazing partners, of the great work we do. I am hopeful that we will keep the same set of strong values that have proven our maturity in the market for the past 15 years.



Claudiu Costan

Operations Manager

+40 740 819 772


My goal and my responsibility is to understand the context and to create, together with the team, the best solutions for our clients. For me, accomplishment comes in the form of an effective communication, both with the team and with our clients, a skillset that I learned over the many years that I have been with Maxcode. And for me, some light humor in the way I interact makes the relationships stronger and adds a personal touch to everything I do. This way, all deliverables in Maxcode have the guaranteed WOW effect!



Ilona Radu

Manager Personnel & Organisation

+40 734 602 230


What motivates me most is everything about working with and for people, the leaps of faith that we take together, and the results and effects that I see when helping others navigate through life. The main values that underlie my work and my entire essence are: love, equity, courage, intuition and authenticity.



Andreea Soveja

Quality Manager

+40 23 259 11 11


From the quality of our services, to effectiveness through process improvement, my goal as Quality Manager is helping to monitor everything to make sure we are in perfect shape. My accomplishment is in seeing that things are done right, by the right people, and our quality procedures guarantee the good practice of the planning, tracking and improvement of processes in the organization so that, in the end, through the results obtained, the requirements of our clients are met.



Andrei Racoți

Manager Finance & Purchase

+40 756 089 088


My commitment is to the development of the company. My active involvement in the organization’s financial growth takes courage and an analytical mindset, supported by my colleagues’ confidence in my work. Over the years, I learned that financial strategy is a puzzle that grows together with the business, and which always requires adaptability. And true accomplishment for me comes from the joy I share with the people of Maxcode, knowing that I helped in overcoming challenges and supporting their growth.