We create tailormade solutions

You choose what fits your needs best

Our focus is to transform business ideas or challenges into sustainable technical solutions. We consult the client in tacking the nest technical decisions as well as create cross-functional teams to deliver the product according to the client’s expectations in terms of market changes, timelines, budget, etc. Our technical expertise starts with .NET Framework, .NET Core and Java on the backend, continues with Angular, React and Vue.js for the frontend and our specialists are always up to date with the latest technologies that could help them int delivering secure solutions.

We are customizing our solutions depending on the client’s context, being experienced in: creating business driven platform architectures, develop custom APIs and integrate with 3rd parties, Structure and professionalize processes and workflows, migrate monolith platforms to microservices architectures, increase code quality, maintain and update the solution’s architecture to keep up with the changes in business, business knowledge in highly regulates industries such as Fintech and Healthcare.

Our goal is to provide reliable and performant platforms, therefore our developers are certified in their area of expertise (Microsoft Azure Developer Associate, Microsoft Specialist, etc.).

  • Personalized business driven platform architectures

Use case: Depending on the context, such a setup can vary from a fully-serverless back-end to a full-on event-sourced distributed microservice architecture. What matters is basing it on actual business needs and plans, allowing growth, scalability, performance and security.

  • Custom APIs and integration with 3rd parties

Use case: Over the years, in the platforms we built, we have integrated with over 200 payment gateways (e.g. iDEAL, ApplePay, Klarna, Sofort, etc.), multiple medical providers, communication providers (e.g. SendGrid, Mailchimp, Twilio, etc.), user-behavior tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Intercom, Mixpanel, etc.) and many more.

  • Structured and professional processes and workflows

Use case: We analyze and adjust the entire chain, from functional specification writing, all the way to the feature running in production. We ensure work is specified in enough detail, is put into perspective and the team can quickly understand requirements, but also make decisions on their own.

  • Migrate monolith platforms to microservices architectures

Use case: Working with such organizations has allowed our engineers to become well-versed in the refactoring strategies and pitfalls pertaining to such a migration.

  • High testability and scalability of code by architecting functionalities

Use case: This allows platforms to be easily extended and adjusted, without compromising related components. At the same time, with an increased test coverage, any change made can be verified before being integrated into the main codebase.

  • Increased code quality

Use case: Code audit using tools such as SonarQube allows our specialists to create personalized set of guidelines for each project, considering specific coding styles and decisions. Afterwards, our engineers can formulate a plan to adjust the codebase in order to reduce risks, improve consistency and refactor troublesome code sections.

  • Updated solution architecture to keep up with changes in business

Use case: We’re constantly on the lookout for expanding or dropping functionalities, integrating existing features between them, moving features to 3rd party integrations, etc.

  • Business knowledge in highly regulated industries such as Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics and eLearning

Examples include request-to-pay platforms, billing apps, cash-flow forecasting systems, central repository of information relating to PDS2 XS2A, software around iDEAL, iDIN and Incassomachtigen schemes, account aggregation platforms, TPP platforms, etc. for fintech, electronic health recording software, record software hospital management software, wellbeing apps for healthcare, supply chain and inventory management software for logistics and custom software platforms, custom eLearning content for eLearning.

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