Quality Assurance

We have made quality assurance an art

In Maxcode we strongly believe that quality is not just about the functional testing phase. Shipping new features into production automatically, continuously validating them across several stages of development also means having a clear working process as well as strong data-protection policies and safe-guards for keeping the systems operational through each release. Therefore, our experts have designed a holistic quality assurance process based on five key components: testing, data security, development, operability, and process.

The components are intertwined, so that software testing helps the development process. Because relevant, well-written tests, properly distributed to specific application levels help the developers validate and verify their work while the testers make additional checks that were not covered by the automation tests. Also, having multiple layers of testing and a continuous delivery setup (from pull requests to production deployments) in place speeds up the development process. From unit tests to the UI tests, our ISTQB certified team of quality assurance engineers are experienced with Selenium, Cypress, Protactor, TestCafe, Appium, REST Assured, XUnit/JUnit, and others, depending on the specific need.

Working for 16 years in highly regulated industries such as Fintech and Healthcare meant managing our clients’ products under strict policies and procedures for securing data as well as keeping the systems operational with every release. In the development phase, we rely heavily on “security by design” as our guiding principles (e.g. minimizing the attack surface area, applying the principle of least privilege, keeping security simple and effective etc.). Later on, in the operational phase of a product, we focus on our abilities to accurately monitor systems (through logs, alerts etc.), react on potential issues and be able to quickly rollout adjustments. This means we have a comprehensive logging & monitoring setup in place, reliable CI/CD pipelines, enough automated tests to allow us to validate changes before they reach production, but also a well-documented access control system.

All these aspects are more powerful under a clear process, which allows to adapt procedures, roles, and rules, while maintaining the end-goal of delivering quality software. Working on a large variety of projects over the years and collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds has made us quite versatile. We identify your team’s strengths, redefine your way of working to become efficient and predictable. Our teams are proficient in using Scrum, Kanban, and everything in between.

Our specialists audit the context of every solution against the QA standard and issue a custom report with recommendations aiming to optimize all components that are evaluated. Alongside this report, they also formulate an action plan outlining key areas that needed to be addressed, setup priorities and estimate the impact that changes will have in increasing the quality of the product.

The quality assurance step in the development process of a product is, in our opinion, the most important one. Our guarantee is that implementing the Maxcode quality process will help you offer your customers a better experience in using your product, deliver a reliable product faster as well as reduce the implementation costs.

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