The building blocks of digital transformation in healthcare.




One should never underestimate the power of partnerships. Nowhere is this truer than in the financial services industry, which is undergoing a significant shift. Partnerships increasingly dominate the ecosystem, each one with the client company’s strategy and values in mind. As a result, we see new and improved technology capabilities, improved digital customer experience and access to top talent.

Our goal is to help fintechs with technological capabilities. That will enable some to team up with traditional financial institutions to eliminate frictions in costs and user convenience. For others, this will mean offering the best financial solution to customers seeking seamless payment experiences.

We have partnered and collaborated with:

  • Investment and commercial banks,
  • Payment processors,
  • Billing providers,
  • Payment service providers,
  • Account aggregation service providers,
  • Cash flow forecasting service providers,
  • Request-to-pay providers.
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According to Deloitte, the overall spending on healthcare will grow by the year 2023. After the lockdown experience, there is an increase in the demand for healthcare software solutions. Healthcare software development covers the huge amount of activities directed on solving the problems within organizations in the healthcare sector and the relations between caregivers and patients.

A software development company should, such as Maxcode, solves the task of financial efficiency through cost optimization. We do so by introducing technologies that can provide and handle data that controls analytics and client behavior.

We have experience with:

  • Electronic Health Record Software
  • Record Software Hospital Management Software
  • Wellbeing Applications
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The eLearning industry size will exceed USD 1 trillion by 2027, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. The rapid adoption of cloud-based learning and incorporation of gamification in these solutions have significantly enhanced the learning experience quality. In this context of high competition in the industry, emerging players seek to introduce innovative services for strengthening their position, increasing their market share, and achieving financial success.

We help e-learning companies by developing:

  • Custom e-learning software platforms
  • Custom e-learning content for the users of our partners’ platforms
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Logistics are a critical component of any company’s supply chain, ensuring that operations are successfully coordinated in order to meet customers’ demands.

This is why logistics software development is an important means of keeping processes running smoothly, as any company, regardless of size or industry, has shipping needs at a certain point. Our goal in our partnerships is to create smooth custom software development solutions that meet the needs of clients and companies of all types, and enable financial growth.

We help our partners by developing:

  • Supply chain management software
  • Inventory management software
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