Wij creëren digitale ervaringen

Case studies


AcceptEasy offered Maxcode the opportunity to build an ultra-modern billing & payment platform based on the latest technology. It resulted in an innovative service (SaaS) facilitating consumers and small corporates to securely initiate a bill payment straight from an email or mobile phone. In a 3-click process, the payment is completed without manual data (re)entry, resulting in full control for the payer, better convenience, and speed than paper bills or web-based portals.

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Beter Health Gaining Program

Beter Health Gaining Program provides work related health care. Their service offers a complete package: from health check and diagnosis to coaching and improving lifestyle. In order to do this effectively and at the same time look for means to keep motivating the client during the coaching, Beter Health Gaining Program managed to find a balance between using Internet technology and face-to-face contact throughout the full trajectory.

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Currence Tools

Is a platform used by clients which are part of the Dutch banking system. They use this application to notify other participants on unavailibilities or possible issues that can appear on products such as iDEAL or iDIN. The application is based on multiple old sub-platforms that have been reconstructed on a newer platform using .NET Core 2.0 and Angular 7 helping customers to have access to friendlier UI, a more secure and faster notification system.

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iDEAL Availability

The number of iDEAL transactions is constantly increasing. More and more merchants, consumers, and companies that offer payment services rely on its availability. Some initiatives were launched claiming to measure and report iDEAL’s availability. Consequently, the press started quoting these findings. However, it's not that simple to pinpoint the exact cause or consequence of disturbances related to iDEAL, since for every payment a staggering amount of information is exchanged between four actors in the iDEAL protocol.

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Splintt offers digital learning solutions, customized e-learning programs and an innovative online learning platform called Philpaper. Maxcode is a long-term partner of Splintt, providing two dedicated teams that deliver e-learning solutions. The software development team works on Philpaper; a learning system for distributing, tracking and reporting online learning activities such as e-learning modules, films, animations, and documents. Philpaper is a very user-friendly and flexible SaaS solution. Easy to implement, Philpaper focuses on providing an excellent user experience. It is based on the new technical standard xAPI, which not only covers learning results (as did SCORM), but tracks the complete learning experience.

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