Dotnetdays: A Next Level Tech Event That Ignited the .NET Community

Next Level Tech

dotnetdays, a highly anticipated local tech event dedicated to all things .NET, recently took place, capturing the hearts and minds of developers, industry experts, and technology enthusiasts.

As a leader of the local tech industry, Maxcode was part of this event, both with an exciting reveal of our new positioning, as well as with a team of software engineers eager to learn. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and highlight the key moments, insights, and experiences gained during dotnetdays 2023.

Next level .NET ecosystem

From the moment we stepped foot into the venue, we were greeted by an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The event brought together developers, architects, and technology leaders who all have one thing in common: their passion for this technology. The conference’s purpose was clear: to provide a platform for .NET enthusiasts to share their expertise, learn from one another, and collectively shape the future of the ecosystem.

The core of the conference lay in its educational sessions, where industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners shared their wisdom.  The sessions covered various topics around .NET, including Dark Patterns, Elasticsearch, GraphQL APIs and logging in .NET. Industry pioneers presented cutting-edge techniques, best practices, and real-world case studies that enabled participants to grasp the nuances of modern software development.

Next level branding

For Maxcode, this event served as the perfect opportunity to present to the community the new face of our company, a new vibe, and a new message – that clearly places us at the forefront of the tech market in Iasi. A lot of preparation and anticipation went into preparing for this moment, and we were happy to celebrate with everyone the new Maxcode – next level tech.

With the help of a great production team, we managed to create the perfect setting of this launch, and we were excited by all the enthusiastic conversations we had during the conference.

Next level insights

Just before lunch, our CTO Adrian Marinica took the stage to ask everyone if they ever considered a SQL database engine as being not unlike a pizzeria kitchen? The options are limitless, which may be difficult and confusing for some companies.

Adrian went on to explain how automatic compute scaling with Serverless for Hyperscale in Azure SQL databases revolutionizes the way businesses handle their database workloads. With Serverless for Hyperscale, the database automatically scales resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency. This feature eliminates the need for manual intervention and provides a seamless experience for businesses dealing with unpredictable workloads or seasonal spikes in traffic.

This automatic compute scaling also enables businesses to handle varying workloads without the need to provision or manage compute resources manually. This flexibility ensures that database applications can scale seamlessly, delivering consistent and reliable performance during high-demand periods. By automatically adjusting resources, Serverless for Hyperscale optimizes costs, allowing businesses to pay only for the compute power they actually consume. This is an important topic for both companies and developers, as businesses could have the potential to confidently handle unpredictable workloads without worrying about over-provisioning or performance bottlenecks.

Next level after-thoughts

Beyond our opportunity to be part of this event, it was a great moment for our software engineers to invest in their own growth, by attending the insightful presentations prepared for them by the dotnetdays organizers. We took the time to ask our colleagues to share some thoughts after attending the event.

Sergiu: “Participating at dotnetdays was a nice experience. It was the first time for me actually. The sessions I enjoyed most were “An introduction to Elasticsearch”, “What sorcery is this?”, and “Automatic compute scaling with serverless for Hyperscale”. Unfortunately, I had to skip some, because (as hard as I would try) I was not able to be in 2 places at once. Cool presentations, hard to pick – yet I strongly recommend this event!

Ana:This was my first participation at dotnetdays, and as a first impression I can say that I really liked it, from the organization of the event to the atmosphere and the people I met. Being an open and friendly setting, it was a great opportunity to socialize with several colleagues from the trade and .NET enthusiasts. The presentations were varied, so we discovered new things, but we also consolidated the knowledge already known (but presented from a different perspective), such as the coupling part of a software system, seen as a design tool that helps us make the optimal decision during development. That being said, I’m already curious about the next editions and what topics will be covered!”

Claudiu: “dotnetdays is a special event that brings together IT software specialists on the local market.It is an opportunity to get to know the local companies and to meet and exchange professional opinions with other colleagues from the companies present. And last but not least, the themes addressed by the presenters are on interesting and trending topics. I highly recommend being part of upcoming dotnetdays editions!

Diana: Dotnetdays represents for me an opportunity to expand my knowledge. Maybe in your spare time there isn’t always that motivation to go and read new things and such conferences just give you that boost to want to learn more. This was my first edition, and I’ve actually quite enjoyed it and took some notes I’d like to come back to. I will definitely attend future editions.

As the hours went by, and Dotnetdays came to a close, the impact of the conference was tangible. Attendees left with newfound inspiration, a deeper understanding of the .NET ecosystem, and a renewed enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of technology. As a company, together with a conference that builds a platform to showcase the latest trends and innovations, we are happy to be part of a community of passionate individuals who are driving the future of .NET development.

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