12 Key Takeaways From The EPCA Payment Summit 2015

By Ionela Barbuta

As the EPCA Payment Summit wrapped-up today, the fintech community continues to engage in relevant conversations online, debating key points brought up by the speakers. This year’s summit focused on Payments and Rethinking Transactions.

We have put together some of the most tweeted ideas from the summit, to give you some pointers as to what the discussions focused on.

Whether you attended the conference or wish you had, these key points will surely serve you.

  1. Smartphones are more common than cash! at least at #eps15! via @epcasummit
  2. Banks need to change: Kids in 2015 want their weekly allowances directly to their iTunes account. via @jsetsaas
  3. Stop talking about a 3rd “card” scheme and build an instant payment scheme with good merchant interface (APIs) via @dgwbirch
  4. Banks should offer solutions on global scale, or at least europe – MarcoPolissi via @epcasummit
  5. @jonmatonis presenting Bitcoin for banks: “central system will be stronger than the 2nd strongest blockchain” via  @JacobInnopay
  6. Don’t over localise – Chinese buyers want to know they are buying from a European merchant. via @dgwbirch
  7. Looking at payments from the consumer perspective: “I don’t want to pay!” – Victor Dostov via @donginsel
  8. Banks, disrupt yourself before you are disrupted, via @ThePaypers
  9. “The network token with the greatest value reinforces participation on the dominant network.” via @jonmatonis
  10. Sofort (correctly) note that direct-to-account payments are better for retailers via @dgwbirch
  11. “The value of the Bitcoin network token correlates to the amount of economic activity facilitated by the network.”@jonmatonis
  12. People will expect instant transfer of money in the same way as instant transfer of photos and info on social media.via @jsetsaas

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