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You might wonder what that is, and be doubtful that it exists. Yet in the past years, we have created our own bright side, filled with passion, care, as well as benefits, projects that make a difference, cool technologies and much more. So, if you are on the lookout for a team that can show you the bright side of software and IT, look no further.


➡️ We’ll hire you in a week

Our recruitment process is simple: you will meet with us, we will evaluate your technical level and potential, and afterwards we will make you an offer.


➡️ We have competitive salary packages and benefits

  • Competitive salary packages and bonuses
  • 20 RON/day food tickets
  • Free Arcadia health insurance package
  • Floating holidays
  • Extra days off and vacation days
  • A private retirement pension scheme
  • Hybrid work mode (home or office)


➡️ We work with cool technologies and tools

We love to learn and keep ourselves in the loop with everything happening in the market. We attend conferences, organize hackathons to test new technologies and participate in trainings to keep ourselves updated constantly with new trends.


➡️ We have 16 years on the market

Our company started from the determination and drive of Computer Science students that wanted to make a difference on the IT market of Romania and Moldova. Our experience has thought us everything we know today, from managing projects, clients, to putting value on people’s potential and helping them grow.

This is why your future will look brighter by our side: we have the right experience to ensure stability, continuity and growth, even in the harshest moments.


➡️ We have experience with all types of projects

Be it startup, corporation, or a medium sized company, we have clients of all types, and our experience in building and delivering successful solutions for them have thought us the right ways to mitigate client-employee relationship. We have learned from all our experience how to make sure that we deliver on our promise without sacrificing our culture, as a passionate collective that learns, grows and goes the extra mile.

For us, the team comes first.


➡️ We create products that make a difference

We work with clients from the markets of fintech and payments, healthcare, e-learning and supply chain. Our mindset is to improve life through everything we do: from designing innovative financial solutions to helping hospitals manage their logistics in a digital way.

Our goal as a company is to make our employees feel proud of their valuable work and the difference that they bring to all industries. Together with us, you can truly build the difference in this world, and bring digital inclusion and technology advancement to users everywhere in Europe and beyond.


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