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Team Turquoise is a dynamic team of eLearning wizards, only instead of a wand we use authoring tools to make magic happen. We focus on building high-quality online courses, together with a team of instructional designers from the Netherlands. Users all over the world can access our modules by means of several learning management systems.

Why does eLearning matter to Team Turquoise? It offers us the opportunity to create and deliver educational programs that build knowledge and capacity, meet the goals and objectives of the organization, and capture the interest of the learners. Our sprinkle of magic dust adds tremendous value to our deliverables.


We use multiple eLearning authoring tools on a daily basis: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Lectora Publisher. Our projects also require image editing (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), video editing (Adobe Premiere), and basic programming skills (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript).


Our expertise includes, but is not limited to eLearning content development and LMS management. As eLearning specialists, we work for a Dutch client that provides a variety of online courses and training programs. The industries range from worldwide distributors of building supplies and consumer credit service providers, to high-tech enterprises and learning centers.

Our day-to-day work requires understanding the desired learning results and turning this information into engaging online content, with a user-friendly interface. We have meetings with Project Managers and Instructional Designers to discuss the learning formats and content for each module or series of modules. Communicating effectively is key.

The CBTs can be basic, responsive or scenario-based. Each module is tested on specific learning management systems, on several browsers and devices, internally and by the clients, to ensure the highest quality standards. The outputs can have several formats (Web, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI), in accordance with the reporting requirements of the clients.

Some feedback we’re proud of

“Our members must meet quality requirements and stay up-to-date. We use Philpaper for sharing and testing knowledge.” – NIVRE (Dutch Institute for Insurance Claim-Experts)

“The different learning solutions come together nicely, are transparent and intuitive and have a nice balance. A participant from any country in Europe, regardless of his or her level of education, will feel addressed.” – Catherine Piana – Director General CoESS

“Everything has been developed in very close collaboration with our own experts. In this way, they accurately transfer their knowledge to the next generation.” – Martin Rijnen – Global Director Nutrition


Splintt offers digital learning solutions, customized e-learning programs and an innovative online learning platform called Philpaper. Maxcode is a long-term partner of Splintt, providing two dedicated teams that deliver e-learning solutions. The software development team works on Philpaper; a learning system for distributing, tracking and reporting online learning activities such as e-learning modules, films, animations, and documents. Philpaper is a very user-friendly and flexible SaaS solution. Easy to implement, Philpaper focuses on providing an excellent user experience. It is based on the new technical standard xAPI, which not only covers learning results (as did SCORM), but tracks the complete learning experience.

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