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In e-learning we trust and it is the one that made us grow strong and unite and we focus a part of our efforts in creating and maintaining an e-learning platform called “Philpaper”. We also stay in touch with the new payment services directive PSD2 by collecting data in all kind of formats agregated in a web platform and used by banks from UE.

Here we give each other freedom and support in order to grow in the direction we want in order to improve ourselves and our workflow. We are Team Teal, knowledge seekers, young spirits who got united in order to make things happen, projects grow, clients happy and us better.


On the e-learning web platform, we use technologies like ASP .NET, Angular JS, HTML/SCSS and Azure technologies like Cloud Services and Application Gateway, but we are continuously improving the project and the processes, our goal being to migrate to the newly technologies. The new projects started in our team use new technologies like .NET Core and Angular 8 and we extended our knowledge by using Amazon Web Services for deploying and hosting the applications.

One of our main concerns is the importance of the quality of the applications we develop. We assure that by using automated tests that run on builds and releases and by using SonarQube by applying custom static code analysis rules.


Expertise is gained through experience and hard work. Over time, we got more experience with learning management systems and the details of their associated protocols. We focused also on tenant-oriented customizations to provide easy to use authentication for our customers. However, we are actively looking to expand our horizons by involvement in project proposals and mentorship programs for new interns.

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