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They say Red is the color of passion, and passion is exactly what brings us together. The passion for quality, performance, security… for ultimately delivering a pixel-perfect product. Starting from 2014, we’ve been brewing a successful recipe of software development. Joining hands of iOS, Android and web developers have helped shape what is now known as OK, one of Maxcode’s most innovative projects.


Our Java web developers enjoy working with features from Java 8, some cool features from Spring framework (like Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security and more) and MySQL RDS. Additionally, they have experience with RESTful services, Junit, AWS SDKs, JMS.

When it comes to client-side development, they use Angular 7, Webpack, Jasmine and, of course, TypeScript because it’s so much better.

Regarding mobile development, our colleagues on Android use Kotlin, Java and RxJava, all on top of an MVVM architecture and on iOS they use Obj-C with an ever-growing Swift codebase.

Testing wise, besides manual checks, there is high coverage of automated tests for several parts of the product: API tests using JUnit5, REST Assured and handlebars and mobile UI tests making use of Appium server, REST Assured and JUnit 4.

To make their lives easier, they use tools such as IntelliJ/Visual Studio Code/Xcode/AndroidStudio, git, Maven/npm/CocoaPods/Carthage, Jetpack, Kibana and the Atlassian stack on a daily basis.

Because they care about the quality of the code they deliver, Sonar, FindBugs, and the Lint suite are their best friends in the development activity.


Each day, passionate people from three corners of Europe (Netherlands, Romania, and Serbia) join their efforts to constantly improve this product. Working in a distributed team, helps us improve our communication skills, makes us more organized and transparent. Constantly bettering ourselves as professionals comes fairly easily when you’re surrounded by such a diversely skilled group. We are a self- organizing team employing a Scrum process that we have tailored to our needs throughout the years. We have a well-established CI/CD pipeline that enables us to release to production every sprint.

Since 2014 we are working on OK

OK is an innovative app that will keep all your debit and discount cards in one place and, on top of that, will allow you to pay for your purchases with just one quick scan and a simple OK’. OK addresses the needs of both consumers on one side and merchants, on the other side, seamlessly integrating authentication, marketing and payment into a consistent and compelling experience across the board. Basically, anything you find in your wallet is integrated into OK: coupons, tickets, receipts, gift cards, punch cards, payment cards, IDs. The platform is built around a REST API, which does the heavy lifting so that the client apps can focus on providing a smooth user experience.

What the client says:

“OK has been working for years together with Maxcode. We are delighted to have found a reliable partner in Maxcode for the development of our mobile apps and back-end, with experience in fintech and working in international projects. We are working with a passionate and dedicated team on realizing our dream of making OK the best all-in-one mobile wallet solution.” – Stefanie, Product Owner

What the users say:

“Great and easy to use app. Has the potential of completely replacing my wallet.”

“An app that has the potential to become a killer app.”

Using passion and talent to deliver OK

OK App is designed to keep all your debit and discount cards in one place while also allowing you to pay for your purchases with just one quick scan and a simple OK. The app addresses the needs of both consumers and merchants, seamlessly integrating authentication, marketing and payment into a consistent experience across the board.

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