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Creatures molded in the fiery forge of Microsoft’s technologies, hardened in the great battle of ages, survivors of the ancient ASP.NET Web Forms and jQuery, conquerors of ASP.NET MVC, starting battles anew, wielding .NET Core and latest Angular as trusty weapons, all under the blessing of the Mighty Azure. Made the vows for the Holy Orders of eHealth and ePayments. We stand united, in trouble and in gain, for teamwork is our creed. But no war is worth fighting without our weekly feasting, as well as a pint or two to celebrate our victories.


We use Microsoft stack and latest versions of Angular to build web applications, definitely mobile responsive ones, hosted in Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Besides that, by using Team Foundation Server services we handle Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery process using automatic jobs for build, deploy and to check our code quality with SonarQube.


We mainly focus on eHealth and ePayments projects, but sky is the limits. For our clients we deliver the full package from web application design to configurations of the cloud infrastructure, applications having the latest technologies to quality assurance and security at the highest standards.

Some of our projects

Currence Tools

Is a platform used by clients which are part of the Dutch banking system. They use this application to notify other participants on unavailibilities or possible issues that can appear on products such as iDEAL or iDIN. The application is based on multiple old sub-platforms that have been reconstructed on a newer platform using .NET Core 2.0 and Angular 7 helping customers to have access to friendlier UI, a more secure and faster notification system.

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Genesis Automation in Healthcare

The story starts 10 years ago when the now CEO Noel O’Hanlon was approached by a contact of his to help him manage his organisation’s healthcare inventory. Sensing a gap in the market, Noel founded Genesis Automation in 2010.

Genesis is a suite of modules that allows healthcare providers to carry out many of their business functions. These modules include Supply Chain Management/Inventory, Asset Management, Tissue Tracking, Point of Care, and several others.

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With years of experience on products based on the 4-corner model, as well as on building test tools for these protocols, Maxcode has designed a tool that would give merchants the full end-to-end experience of an authentication flow using iDIN on their webshop. The test tool simulates the iDIN process fully, on both the acquirer and the issuer side and consists of a set of scenarios allowing you to test your iDIN software integration.

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