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We are a creative and passionate team of editors and marketers with offices in Amsterdam and Iasi. Our main passion? Payments. We read, learn share and analyze the global payments market and its trends, from ecommerce and online payments, to its types of fraud as well as data protection and trust. We attend the hottest events in the industry to take the pulse of the biggest players around, from service providers to banks, and we collaborate with the biggest experts on our domain in order to become experts ourselves.

We value quality, teamwork, openness and development, which we apply in our relationship within the team as well as with our collaborators. We focus on growth and education in the payments area and we support continuous learning as a form of improvement of our team and the ecosystem at the same time.

Team Pink


We use Jira and Trello to manage our tasks and editorial calendar and topics, as well as social media management websites such as Buffer to keep in touch with the community.  With the help of Tripolis we have a database of friends and collaborators from the industry, whom we contact with updates and news in form of newsletters which we edit in-house using HTML and CSS.


Our team is fluent in English and all editing skills, which we use to write educational articles on the hottest trends in the payments industry. Our editors’ constant learning and development allows them to bring the best expertise as well as great editorial advice for our peers in the payments ecosystem. A team of seasoned marketers as well, we use our creativity and skills of identifying needs in order to assist all our collaborators and friends in the industry.

Case studies

Team Pink generates content and magic for The Paypers, whose products include online news, daily & weekly newsletters, exclusive interviews, as well as relevant reports detailing key trends and developments in specific markets. In the past few years The Paypers has grown immensely under the watchful and creative eye of Team Pink, and now it organizes webinars as well as video interviews taken by our editors on site at events.

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