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Team Blue is a mix of energetic, enthusiastic and experienced individuals, all trying to make the world better, one line of code at a time. We bring our personalities, passions, and pride to work every single day. More than anything else, we’re here so we can focus our creativity and deliver work that we are proud of, for people and organizations that we believe in.

With a mix of the right individuality, technologies, experience and tools, we help clients drive their business forward. Our desire to deliver good work runs deep – that’s what lets us handle every project with fresh perspective and a focus on quality.

Team Blue


Microsoft .NET technology stack is the foundation of our solutions, hosted on the Azure cloud platform, consisting of App Services, Functions, WebJobs, Insights and many others. TFS helps us focus our creative output, from an idea to development, testing and releasing. We also keep the pace on the front-end, with web frameworks such as Angular in conjunction with Typescript.


Our projects cover domains such as invoicing, payments and email delivery. We are constantly integrating with new services and technologies, giving us the opportunity to research and use new techniques in order to better ourselves, as well as the work that we deliver.

Technologies are not our only spring to our board that allows us to reach higher. In order to maintain coherent project discussions and cohesive teamwork, we decided to adapt our processes into a distributed manner. Having started with a big team composed of diverse individuals, some even working for Nederland, we have reorganised ourselves into smaller teams, all while working on the same project, and the same SCRUM rules and artefacts. This has allowed us to deliver in a continuous manner (Continuous Delivery) as well as distribute the knowledge of the team much more efficiently.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” (African proverb)

Team Blue

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Serrala Request to Pay cloud-based platform

In 2008 when Europe has been rolling out mandatory e-invoicing standards, AcceptEasy (now Serrala)’s vision was to be able to pay through a message. With this in mind, they developed an innovative software as a service platform enabling consumers and small corporates to securely initiate bill payments straights from an email, SMS, and other digital channels.

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iDEAL Availability

The number of iDEAL transactions is constantly increasing. More and more merchants, consumers, and companies that offer payment services rely on its availability. Some initiatives were launched claiming to measure and report iDEAL’s availability. Consequently, the press started quoting these findings. However, it's not that simple to pinpoint the exact cause or consequence of disturbances related to iDEAL, since for every payment a staggering amount of information is exchanged between four actors in the iDEAL protocol.

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