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Electronic payments are the basis of the financial system today and are defined as financial transactions that are initiated, processed and received through electronic channels. Electronic payments are diversifying and expanding in terms of adoption, from credit cards, to direct bank payment and cryptocurrencies. A financial organization needs to stay on top of these developments, and keep technology aligned with the market development.

The challenge today is creating payment systems that are relevant, considering the fragmentation of the market, and multiple standards that exist when it comes to payment methods.

Electronic payments applications range anywhere from simple integrations with existing systems, to creating a payment service provider, implementing new payment channels, or developing protocols that ease the transaction process, and ensure funds are transferred fast and secure.

But any complete payment system is more than just the financial transaction processing.

For adoption purposes, tools are required to simplify the integration process. Reliable payment systems use financial APIs to support integrations. Once a system is ready to be launched a set of test tools are needed for validating third party integrations for security and compliance.

Maxcode & electronic payments

Maxcode has been involved in delivering applications that are part of all three components. We have a solid understanding on the payment processes, and hands on experience in building software tools to support the roll out of new payment channels and processes for clients such as ING, ABN Amro, Currence or MyBank. Our value proposition is the experience and understanding of electronic payments combined with our technical expertise.

We know that payments are more than just payment transactions. Maxcode delivers software that supports the business of electronic payments:

  • Processing payments: ensuring secure and correct delivery of funds
  • Test tools: ensuring third parties maintain compliance when using electronic payment systems
  • Availability and notifications: as payments are mission critical, we implement applications to easily manage the availability of the payment channel

We have delivered electronic payment applications for the past 10 years.

Some of our references offer more insights:

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