eInvoicing application - custom software development

eInvoicing application - custom software development

Invoice delivery and payment is mission critical. Ensuring that invoices are sent, delivered, processed and paid makes a big difference for organisations in all fields: Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) as well as Government-to-Business (G2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G).

That is the reason why digital invoices are being used more and more, and why having a good eInvoicing solution is important. Each of these organisations has internal processes that need to adapt to eInvoice systems. The business value that such software delivers is more than the traditional cost and process improvement. Done right, companies can draw additional benefits.

Introducing data analytics can surface important insights, such as when recipients receive or view the invoices. Combined with additional data from payments, a company can build a model that improves internal efficiency and cash flow predictions. Additionally, segmenting when recipients should receive their invoices or having the ability to forward or share the invoice with the appropriate payment responsible increases payments turnaround time.

One of the greatest challenges companies have in adopting eInvoicing applications is the ability to easily integrate these processes internally in their organisation. This is related to how simple and easy it is to integrate the system. Having a good software solution is key.

Maxcode & eInvoicing Applications

Maxcode has delivered several high quality projects in this field. The key for us in building successful relationships with our clients is our business insight and understanding of the market combined with our technical expertise and agile approach.

We understand eInvoicing implementations differ from one another while the key components remain the same: ensure delivery, availability, accuracy of data and payment.

  • Delivery can be as simple as an attachment to regular email, web applications, or even internet banking environments.
  • Availability on different platforms and mediums, from email, to web, mobile or all of them.
  • Accuracy can be ensuring updates real time or on a certain frequency.
  • Payment methods can be built in the platform, or integrated through third parties.

Delivering eInvoicing applications is what we do.

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