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eHealth is a key enabler for transforming health services around the world with the use of technology. It is many times seen as a secure and cost-effective solution, relying on information systems to support the healthcare industry.

The eHealth industry is now playing a crucial role in creating the foundation for the next generation health system infrastructure. But beyond that, it paves the way for a new way to manage the info structure that healthcare needs to address. This is important as eHealth is responsible for the development of systems and processes that handle highly sensitive patient information.

The benefits of eHealth applications are spread from cost benefits on data management to improved patient experience, as they allows healthcare service providers to focus on serving patients and customers rather than managing information. But developing eHealth related software application requires a strong focus on data privacy and security.

Electronic payments applications range anywhere from simple integrations with existing systems, to creating a payment service provider, implementing new payment channels, or developing protocols that ease the transaction process, and ensure funds are transferred fast and secure.

eHealth applications can be implemented in throughout an array of healthcare related fields. Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to information sensitivity and data protection. Other applications can be part of: virtual healthcare solutions, mobile health services, health IT systems as well as big data solutions for healthcare.

Maxcode & eHealth applications

Maxcode has been involved in delivering enterprise eHealth applications in the area of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). We extended the concepts to allow patient-doctor integration and workflow management. Our team is focused on data privacy and protection to ensure that medical information is relying on state of the art software applications. Throughout the past years we have delivered and maintained eHealth solution for clients such as Beter Leven or Horizon. Our value proposition is combining our financial services technical experience with the business cases of healthcare industry to deliver secure systems for service providers in the industry.

Our references will offer more insights:

Beter Leven

Art of Parenting

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