Digital Identity

Digital Identity - custom software development

Creating digital identity applications has many implications – from technical and economical to social. The main goal of this technology is to provide trust mechanisms in the digital world, as a prerequisite of online entities interacting with each other.

The rise of online transactions and ecommerce supported Digital Identity in growing to be a potential cornerstone of digital presence and activity. Having the ability to securely identify yourself or a third party in cyberspace plays a higher increasing role in online activity and business.

Digital identity applications provide value in multiple scenarios: payment authorization, access to private information, distribution and authorization of private information use, etc.

Applications can be envisioned in several sectors. Some of the traditional choices are payments, credit scoring, government services, tax management, healthcare or B2B agreements or electronic voting, but with time the technology can be expanded into other areas as well.

Solid authentication systems blend in the payments sector with ease. The opportunity to authenticate and authorize using a secure system that is accepted by several parties leads to increased trust on both sides of a transaction. Considering that a digital identity holds extensive information about the holder, application can be envisioned to the extent where it blends with payments at a core level.

Maxcode & digital identity applications

Implementing digital identity software applications is a new trend and Maxcode followed up on it with using the experience and insights from delivering digital payment software. We have been involved in delivering a couple of applications that work as a digital identity component as well. Having solid business and technical understanding of the financial software world, Maxcode has a strong value proposition in delivering secure and trustworthy digital identity solutions.

With a platform already in the market, we are uniquely positioned to understand the technical and business challenges of implementing applications in this space.

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