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One of the reasons we use Scrum is that it is transparent. The plain progress overviews reflect this transparency perfectly. Within a Sprint the plan board enforce team members to set their task status in ‘To do’, ‘In Progress’, or ‘Done’. Since a Story consists of one or more tasks, this applies to the Stories as well. Burn-down charts and velocity charts offer insight in the results of the overall project. Previous results make extrapolation for future effort a non-ambiguous simple exercise.

We already administer our projects in TFS for a long time and our customers have access to the Product Backlog and many overviews by logging in. Now we offer a subset of that information in our iOS app: Scrum Assistant.

If you have an iPhone, feel free to download this app, request an access code, and monitor your progress using our tool.

Scrum assistant for iPhone

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Explaining the tool

Scrum Assistant Maxcode Velocity
Scrum Assistant Maxcode Sprint Progress

Current sprint

Shows a pie chart of the plan board of the current Sprint. The panes show the Stories to which the Team committed this sprint. The Stories have one of the following statuses: ‘To do’, ‘In Progress’ or ‘Done’. If a Story has one or more tasks that for some reason cannot be conducted the story gets the status impediment.

Product Backlog

This screen holds information about the Product Backlog. The graph shows the velocity of the most recent 3 Sprints and the current one. Velocity is measured in Story Points. Above the graph the orange pane (upper right) show the average velocity over the previous 3 Sprints. The pane left of this pane ‘ Required Sprints’ tries to predict the required number of sprints based on the average velocity and the Stories in the Product Backlog that have the status approved and are estimated.

Beneath the Graph panes show the status of Stories. ‘New’ and ‘approved’ are Stories in the Product Backlog that still need to be developed. ‘Committed’ shows the number of stories that the team has assigned to the current Sprint. As opposed to what is shown in TFS, we chose not to consider a Story done as no longer committed, since regardless what the status in the sprint is, the Story was assigned to the sprint.

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