SURFnet & iDIN

Surfnet takes part in iDIN pilot

SURFnet asked Maxcode to add iDIN as strong authentication method to SURFconext, because they wanted to join the iDIN pilot organised by Dutch Payments Association.

SURF is the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch higher education and research. SURF offers students, lecturers and scientists in the Netherlands access to the best possible internet and ICT facilities. Boosting the quality of education and research requires an advanced, reliable and interconnected ICT infrastructure. SURFnet supports, innovates, develops and operates this infrastructure, which consists of both network and collaborative components.

The SURFconext infrastructure for online collaboration gives users access to services provided by various different providers, which they can apply within a single environment. This opens up new opportunities for collaboration within and between institutions.

Strong and secure, yet an user friendly interface

SURFconext embraces innovation and provides solutions for new ways of working together online. Taking part in the iDIN pilot is a chance for SURFnet to evaluate if they can provide safe access to the cloud with an even more user friendly interface. This is important to education and research institutions. We are looking forward to publish the results of the pilot.


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