Splintt offers digital learning solutions: customized e-learning programs and an innovative online learning platform called Philpaper. Maxcode is a long term partner of Splintt, providing two dedicated teams that deliver e-learning solutions.

The software development team works on Philpaper. This is a learning system for distributing, tracking and reporting online learning activities such as e-learning modules, films, animations and documents. Philpaper is a very user-friendly and flexible SaaS solution. It is easy to implement and focuses on a pleasant user experience. Philpaper is based on the new technical standard xAPI, which not only covers learning results (as did SCORM), but tracks the complete learning experience.

The e-learning builders team assembles and tests e-learning modules based on graphical designs, content scripts, assets like media and e-learning templates. The team works with authoring tools such as Articulate, Lectora and Coursebuilder. They thoroughly test and deliver e-learning packages in xAPI and SCORM for different learning management systems.


Other Projects

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Art of Parenting

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Notification & Directory Service Maxcode

iDEAL Notification & Directory Services

Superevent Maxcode


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