MyBank ( is one of the quickest growing new online payment solutions in the European market. The MyBank product was launched in 2013 after an initial pilot in Italy. Currently 140+ banks in 3 countries actively support MyBank. The MyBank product is owned by Preta, a new organization founded in 2014 and controlled by EBA CLEARING.

Maxcode is IT partner of Preta. Since the early days of MyBank Maxcode has been involved in developing the MyBank test tool based on the latest product specifications of MyBank. This test tool is used by all participants prior to their MyBank launch or product update to self certify their implementation of MyBank.

Additional to development and maintenance for the test tool, Maxcode offers second line support to Preta and participants regarding MyBank implementations. For these support activities a helpdesk tool has been incorporated.

Recently eMandate functionality is added to MyBank, for which an additional instance of the MyBank test tool has been developed. This new extension enables European banks to self certify their implementation of eMandates based on the European SEPA regulations for eMandates and Direct Debits (SDD).


Other Projects

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Beter Leven

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