MagnaCarta offers a wide range of chip card payment solutions to companies and universities. These solutions are based on chip card technology, issued to consumers as chip or contactless cards. Recently MagnaCarta entered a partnership with Equens to use MagnaCarta’s card solutions as replacement for the national Chipknip solution of Currence, which is rolled-out by the end of 2014.

As extension to MagnaCarta’s card management system FacilityPro, Maxcode developed the web application used by companies and consumers for managing their card balances. The application allows for easy personalization and buying additional balance (or tokens) for specific purchases. These balance top-ups are paid using iDEAL and credit cards (via Paypal).

Other Projects

OK Maxcode


SpiderCargo Maxcode


FiNBOX Maxcode


Beter Leven Maxcode

Beter Leven

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