ING and iDIN

iDIN test and monitoring tool

ING is a Dutch retail bank and part of the ING Group, a global financial institution that provides a full range of banking services. ING has over 85 million customers across the world in Europe, the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Maxcode developed a test shop for ING to test various integrations with the iDEAL, ING Merchant Services, eMandates and the iDIN schemes. ING uses this application to test and monitor the connection with the Routing Service from the merchant perspective. The goal is to setup a closed user group pilot early 2016 and to monitor the availability of the services at recurring intervals in the future.

ING is satisfied with the tailor-made software solution and full of compliments. ING experienced that Maxcode understood the process of integrating a webshop with iDIN and eMandates, not only conceptually, but based on experience with online payments and digital identity as well.

The chosen Scrum approach worked very well. The daily stand-up meetings were pleasant and well structured. Especially, the fact Maxcode is experienced and suggested ways to improve and adjust the interface to end-users turned out to be of great value for this project. The ING requirements were well understood and the end result of high quality.


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