iDEAL Availability

iDEAL Availability

The number of iDEAL transactions still increase. More merchants, consumers, and companies that offer payment services depend on its availability. Some initiatives were launched claiming to measure and report iDEAL’s availability. Consequently, press started quoting these findings. However, it is not that simple to pinpoint the precise cause or consequence of disturbances related to iDEAL, since for every payment quite some information is exchanged between four actors in the iDEAL protocol.

In order to improve the accuracy of iDEAL’s availability information, on request of Betaalvereniging Nederland, Maxcode developed a real-time measuring platform that includes input from key merchants and processors. The platform collects and presents the information to consumers and merchants in a clear way, taking the network characteristics of iDEAL into account. The real-time availability collection and presentation is integrated with Microsoft’ Azure architecture, allowing for automated scaling to handle peak loads in page visits during possible outage of iDEAL.


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