eMandates Test Tool

eMandates Test Tool

In 2015 Dutch banks introduced an electronic version of direct debit authorisation (mandates). Maxcode is involved since its early product definition and delivered various solutions to support this eMandates product. One of the tools is a testing and certification tool (eTT).

Although not noticeable for creditors or debtors, a chain of adjacent systems at different participants cooperates when processing an eMandate transaction. The tool Maxcode developed is used to ensure every link in this chain operates correctly and complies with the standards defined by Betaalvereniging Nederland (BVN) and the related European standards by EPC (European Payment Council) and ISO.

The tool is capable of simulating systems adjacent to the one being tested. In this way end-to-end tests are performed, and the platform is exposed to various test scenarios. Automated testing enables the platform developer to make sure new releases stay compliant with the certification requirements.

The test tool is used during three stages:

  • At first during development, when developers and testers use the tool to simulate adjacent system’s requests and responses and to verify that all requirements are met.
  • Secondly, the tool is used during acceptance testing to establish if the application fully complies with the standard by self-certification. For participants this is a formal step in the process of being allowed to participate.
  • Finally, the tool is used to investigate actual messaging in case undesired situations occur and malfunctioning of one of the participant systems is suspected.

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