In The Netherlands most consumers pay their products in shops using debit cards, like Maestro by MasterCard and V PAY by VISA, also known as ‘pinnen’ in the Dutch market. Betaalvereniging Nederland plays a central role in the availability of this payment product to Dutch retailers.

Maxcode is IT partner for Betaalvereniging Nederland, and in this role developed various applications supporting the exploitation of their payment products.

One of the systems developed is CONNECT. This web application is used as communication tool between the participants involved in processing and acquiring of debit cards. Participants use this application to announce planned maintenance or occurring disruptions. Other participants to whom this information is relevant are notified by the platform automatically.

Participants experiencing flaws in the availability of the payment product are able to signal involved staff at concerned supplier or processor directly, without the need to know direct contact information.

In this sense the system allows easy collaboration between participants, reducing the time spent on communicating about the operation and addressing the right people with lower margin for errors. As a result disruptions are solved sooner and communication between participants became more transparent.


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