Beter Leven

Beter Leven

Beter Leven provides work (occupational) related health care. Their service offers a complete package: from health check and diagnosis to coaching and improving lifestyle. In order to do this effectively and looking for means to keep motivating the client during his coaching, Beter Leven managed to find a balance between using Internet technology and face-to-face contact during the full trajectory.

Combining services from several specialist suppliers (e.g. laboratories, medical questionnaires, etc.) Maxcode created the Internet based application that arranges for the dossiers and the workflow.

The Beter Leven Portal helps the coaches and doctors keeping track of many dossiers and reaching out to their clients. It enables clients to contact and question their coach, receive assignments and advise within the privacy of their own home, and enjoy their achievements. It provides management of organizations consolidated overviews of results of their employees.

Beter Leven

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