About the project

Youth care and education is the focus area for the Horizon organization. Located in Rotterdam, the institution offers counseling, treatments and schooling programs for children and families that are experiencing complex problems because of emotional disturbances or disorders. Throughout the years, Horizon has grown into an industry expert on how to develop more effective behavior and increase the skills of those who treat, teach or are parenting children (and families) with these specific problems. The institution is also keen on sharing its knowledge and experience in ways that are also accessible to the general public.

To help Horizon achieve its goal, Maxcode developed a mobile game based on the fundamentals of parenting. In the game, a parent prevents bad influences from a third person from happening by guiding an imaginary child. The game is played during training sessions with pedagogical experts, but can also be used as a tool for discussing situations between parents and between parents and children. The game is available on both Apple iOS and Google Android.



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