How did the event go?

Innovative TechTalks has started in 2018, as the initiative of the developers within Maxcode to create a local event in Iasi, Romania, where the IT community could gather to learn and discuss on the new trends. Over time, it has grown to become an event of its own, with the same goal in mind.

Since our start in 2005, we have been closely involved in online payment developments in the Netherlands. In time, we have grown into a larger software development company creating sustainable and data-respectful software in Fintech and Healthcare, helping our clients adapt their solutions to the ever-changing markets.



25 NOVEMBER, 18:00 EET

online session

Chander Dhall

CEO @ Cazton

Keynote: Best Practices – UI, API and Server-side

Prior to working with Cazton, the client had multiple failed attempts over a period of 14 years. Under Chander Dhall’s leadership, Cazton exceeded the client’s expectations and did so with just five developers.

  • Successful delivery: Cazton had a successful delivery in record time. We created 40 out of 108 web components in just one month.
  • Top performance: The final web application performs extremely fast, is highly secure and works on multiple devices (mobile, tablet and desktop).
  • Top quality: 100% of customers love the upgraded user interface.
  • Lower costs: Expertise matters – Client wanted at least 20 developers to work on the project to meet their deadline.

In this presentation, you will learn how to use best practices on the UI, API and Server-side to achieve all the three: high quality, faster delivery time and lower costs.

Chander Dhall, CEO of Cazton, is a ten-time awarded Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert and world-renowned technology leader in architecting and implementing solutions. He’s not only rescued software development teams, but also implemented successful projects under tight deadlines and difficult business constraints. His company has a proven track record of not just saving the client millions of dollars, but also providing an expedited delivery time.



26 NOVEMBER, 16:30 EET

online session


Victor Rentea

Java Champion and Independent Trainer

Extreme Professionalism: Software Craftsmanship

Decades ago, IT started as a single engineering practice, but as time passed by it got increasingly fragmented. Conflicts broke out between testers vs developers vs sysadmins vs DBAs vs many other roles. Recently, developers themselves split into many subspecialties like backend / frontend / iOS / Android / microservices / functions / etc. The overspecialization we face today causes huge communication overhead, a low bus factor, lack of responsibility, blaming, repeated isolated patching and fulminating costs. The software craftsmanship movement is rising in this post-agile world with professionals eager to take control of their careers and continuously learn in the pursuit of mastery. This talk will show you practical ways in which to seed a continuous learning culture in your team or company, and foster the enthusiasm of your developers.

Victor is a Java Champion and an Independent Trainer delivering webinars for companies around the world since 2014. His passion is Simple Design, Refactoring, and Unit Testing, about which he regularly talks at top conferences, but also to the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community that he founded. On you can find his blog, best talks, training curriculum, live masterclasses, and social channels.



26 NOVEMBER, 18:30 EET

online session


Corniel Nobel

Software Architect @ TJIP

Single Value Objects: Where DDD and Functional Programming Meet

Most developers have the habit of reusing primitives for everything. This phenomenon, known as primitive obsession, leads to unclear code and (API) contracts, and eventually to bugs. By creating single value objects (value objects that are a subset of one primitive) we can overcome that, and by doing so, we apply the lessons learned from Domain-Driven Design and Functional programming.

Corniel is an energetic, passionate, creative, intrinsic motivated software engineer, evangelist and architect who’s in the business since the early 2000’s. He is a strong believer that software engineering should not just be your job, but your lifestyle. And the truth should be in the code, not in dreadful documents and diagrams.




27 NOVEMBER, 11:00 EET

online session


Hackle Wayne

Lead Engineer @ Atlassian

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

No need for a judge or jury! As a courageous bunch, many of us would like to think anything goes in programming, and it’s too chaotic and too fun to be restricted by any rules. However, there are still certain things (although not too many) that are better respected and followed than ignored or broken. Surprisingly, some of these “laws” are more unyielding than we would expect.

Take equality – a most basic concept, taken for granted but not really paid enough attention, has been causing many of us daily struggle. Or take CAP – which we sometimes think can be worked around or side-stepped, only to see it explode in our faces. Can we see these “laws” in the chaos and excitement? And can we use them to our advantage to build stronger software?

A few examples later, you’ll be sent into deep thoughts, or loud laughter. A wholesome account of introspection, satire and rant.

A veteran in the trade, Hackle enjoys programming as a thinking game. He advocates programming functionally and tries to share his learnings in ways that are pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible.


27 NOVEMBER, 13:00 EET

online session

Laura Bell

Founder and CEO of SafeStack Academy

Failing Fast: The Impact of Bias When Speeding up Application Security

There is a lot of talks these days about going faster with security, DevSecOps and making cyber security part of your lifecycle. What if you are the reason this might be a pathway to failing fast at security? In this talk, we will explore how bias impacts how we secure our development lifecycles and examine 3 common biases that lead to big issues in this space. By looking at mistakes teams make when embracing application security and how bias plays into them, we can learn to avoid them and make security a key part of moving faster.

With over a decade of experience in software development and information security, Laura Bell specialises in bringing security into organisations of every shape and size. She is the founder and CEO of SafeStack Academy, a community-centric online education platform giving developers, testers and architects the skills they need to build high quality, secure software at speed.



27 NOVEMBER, 15:00 EET

online session


Dennis Doomen

Author of FluentAssertions

A Practical Introduction to DDD, CQRS & Event Sourcing

After several in-depth talks about Event Sourcing, I realized that there’s a large group of developers that may have heard about Domain-Driven Design, Command-Query Responsibility Seggregation and Event Sourcing, but have not really connected the dots yet. So in this talk, I’d like to take a practical example of a simple domain and gradually introduce functional requirements to see how the principles behind DDD affect the way your entities are going to protect the business rules. After that, I’ll introduce some real-world non-functional requirements and see if and how Event Sourcing and/or CQRS may or may not help to accomplish those.

Dennis is a veteran architect in the .NET space with a special interest in writing clean code, Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and everything agile. He specializes in designing enterprise solutions based on the .NET technologies as well as providing coaching on all aspects of designing, building and maintaining enterprise systems. He also keeps a blog on his everlasting quest for better solutions at You can reach him on twitter through @ddoomen.



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