What was the event all about?

The 2018 Innovative TechTalks edition took place on October 6th at Hotel Unirea In Iasi and it was an amazing event. Two international speakers and some of the best developers in town have joined in to share their personal and professional experiences while talking about the guidelines and best practices for .NET technologies. The stars of the event were Jon Skeet and Roy Osherove.


Jon Skeet

C# 8
Jon Skeet is a Staff Software Engineer at Google, working from the London office on the Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET. He’s probably better known for his contributions on Stack Overflow and his book, C# in Depth.


Adrian Marinica

Management vs. Leadership or Why self-managing works for our team
Thousands of teams in Iasi, millions around the world, yet no two are alike. As a result, one would expect these spectacularly different groups of people to work spectacularly different. Let’s take some time to discuss how you can make things work and if you are able to manage without a manager.

Roy Osherove

How to help your organization adopt TDD (or any other practice)?

Author of ‘The Art of Unit Testing’, ‘Elastic Leadership’ and the upcoming ‘Enterprise DevOps’ books, Roy has had various technical positions in some of the world’s largest tech companies (Siemens, DELL, AT&T). He’s a well-known international speaker on topics such as Unit Testing and TDD, leadership for technical leaders, and DevOps transformations and practices. Find out more at osherove.com, 5whys.com and ArtOfUnitTesting.com


Sorin Damian

Functional REST API testing in ASP.NET Core
A talk about the do’s and don’ts of functional testing and why it’s better in ASP.NET Core 2.