We deliver quality

In the past 15 years of developing applications for clients in highly-regulated industries, we’ve accumulated strong know-how on building trustworthy, data-respectful software. Based on this knowledge, we have designed a quality audit process that evaluates each component of the software we build, regardless of its nature, with the goal of delivering value through performance, innovation and service quality. We are also strong believers in security and privacy by design, as proven by our ISO 27001 certification. In the finance industry, for example, for fintech products that handle a large number of users and transactions, we can create the perfect system that will avoid the downtime or failed transactions that can lead to lost customers or revenue.

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We care about time to market

Meeting time to market target is a priority for any company, in order to reduce financial loss. Through calculating the right strategy, our team is able to build strong products by taking into consideration other factors besides speed. By looking at the right functionalities and user needs, we can help financial companies strategically develop their product without harming the quality. We believe in a multiple steps approach, which will enable the product to reach the right users faster than the competition. This process will also help in testing the product so that you can gather valuable feedback in order to adapt and make the idea a success.

Our business acumen of working with both scale-up and start-up companies has taught us that market exposure is necessary in the life cycle of a product, and so we adjust our process to any need. From helping with a product go-live to reach the market for the first time, to rendering twice a month deploys in production of new features, we help companies keep their clients happy and stay ahead of the competition.

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We are flexible

Although it may seem that an enterprise can help with more resources, it is the flexibility and versatility of a small team that make a small company the best partner in software development. By being constantly focused on growth, and able to accommodate changing needs, we are able to adapt to a product as it grows, both in matters of capacity as well as skills. Aside from the great flexibility, the partner also benefits from a personal and custom approach, which gives the guarantee that with us the line of communication will always be open.

A small company has all the benefits of a fast integration with a client team or product, clear core values and culture that lives in the all members of the company. Moreover, the level of business expertise of a small software development company (that spent the past 15 years becoming best at providing smart software for the fintech market) is unparalleled.

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Our technology stack

Back-end development

We build scalable, data-sensitive apps by using the following technologies and frameworks:

NET Core
.NET Framework

Front-end development

We like pixel-perfect apps, and we enjoy building them with the following tools and frameworks:

iOS & Android native

DevOps activities

We believe in a DevOps mindset, with the cross-functional teams working on the following activities:

Building, Packaging and Releasing code with continuous integration in Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitLab etc.

Configuring, Operating and Monitoring appliation infrastructures in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.