Senior Java Developer


We are looking for a new colleague to join our development team as a Java Developer, for our Tidely team.

Tidely is a liquidity management platform based in Germany, with 5 tech teams. Each development team has dedicated people on frontend, dedicated people on backend, a Tech Lead, a Team Lead, and a Product Owner.

You will be joining the Maxcode development team, working in close contact with the client development team.


➡️ We are bright. Technologies we work with:

  • Java 17, and features from the Spring framework (JPA, Spring security, Spring MVC), and as a library for APIs they use Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Kafka, Redis, JUnit 5 + Mockito and Git
  • For automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, the team uses Kubernetes
  • The code is kept and reviewed in Bitbucket, using Bitbucket Pipelines to run tests and deploy solutions onto environments
  • They also use tools such as IntelliJ (as IDE), Maven and Sonar
  • As a database server the team uses PostgreSQL, with AWS as their cloud provider
  • Last but not least, they work with Docker and use Jira as a ticket tracking tool


➡️ Win-win. Some of the rewards of working at Maxcode:

  • You have the opportunity to grow: You will be developing new complex fintech solutions, investigating new tools to use in the solution
  • You will be involved every step of the way: investigating and fixing bugs, investigating how to improve performance and code, adding test coverages (unit and integration tests), doing code reviews and addressing code quality improvements
  • You will be listened to: If you have a question, idea to improve (from small to large ideas) either from tech, process or business perspective, is valuable and  the team is open to listening to it
  • You will be part of a well-structured development process, constantly improved by a close collaboration with the client. The features have a clear lifecycle: defined by business refined by team and estimated →  developed →  tested by the QA team →  released if passed testing


➡️ Create value. The responsibilities we’ll trust you with:

  • You will be actively participating in Scrum meetings (daily, refinement, planning, demo presentation)
  • You will be helping colleagues that are from different countries, so you will need to be comfortable speaking and writing in English
  • You will be releasing your own functionality, the release process being setup as feature by feature
  • Sometimes critical issues will appear, and somebody needs to tackle them: you need to be able to change focus and adapt to handle tasks if necessary


➡️  Thrive. We care about you.

  • We are firm believers in caring for our health and wellbeing. Our Maxcode Wellbeing program includes as many dimensions as possible, so that we can, together, grow and thrive.
  • Psychological Wellbeing: we follow a strict work-life balance (no overtime, no working in your personal time)
  • Economic Wellbeing: we offer competitive salaries and meal tickets
  • Social Wellbeing: we build healthy relationships with our teammates and clients; we organize parties and teambuilding events
  • Health Wellbeing: we get great health support from the medical team in Iasi via our Arcadia subscription
  • Physical Wellbeing: we organize and take part in fitness competitions
  • Professional Wellbeing: we create meaningful work with our projects


➡️ We have competitive salary packages and benefits

  • Hybrid work mode (home or office)
  • Free Arcadia health insurance package
  • Floating holidays
  • Extra days off and vacation days
  • 30 RON/day food tickets
  • A private retirement plan and fund


Convinced yet? If you want to see how fun we are, send us your resume at or use the contact form below, and meet us in person.

Your friends at Maxcode.

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