The story of Innovative TechTalks

A Maxcode event

Three years ago, a team of confident and eager Maxcoders started on a road to bring insightful content to software professionals in Iasi. Looking back, we are happy to see the wonderful impact that this event has had on both the community, as well as our company.

Being innovative

Because this is the goal, in the end. In a domain that evolves so fast that you have barely time to breathe and there is a new technology version coming up, or a new way to solve issues faster and better, everyone could use a quick “how-to” guide, or simply advice and honest opinions. Within Maxcode, we used to hold Training Day sessions yearly where colleagues could share impressions and learning points – presentations that helped everyone in their quest to become a better software engineer.

In time, a new idea grew organically from seeing this desire to learn: “What if we opened our doors to all developers to join these sessions, not just Maxcoders?”. This is how Innovative TechTalks was born.

Why innovative? Because a few years back, during one of our Training Days, we held a brainstorming session where we all got to think about the keyword that resonates with everyone, regardless if they are working on their product or trying to help a client succeed on the market they target. We all want to innovate, to bring better solutions to customers, to prove that technology can make life easier. And that word stuck with us, years later – holding the same power it had years ago when we looked across the room at each other, realizing that this word unites us.

The TechTalks part of the name is part of the identity of the event just as much. Our wish was not to create a new conference where people would feel out of place, and nobody knows anyone. Innovative TechTalks was designed to be a space where all discussions are open, where speakers and attendees can chat, network and build a community to learn and share knowledge.

Beyond innovative

The response to Innovative TechTalks was more than we could have expected. The excited attendees that make our event a success, and the amazing speakers that have accepted our invitation every year have all together created stories on the tapestry of Maxcode that we will forever hold as dear memories.

It is based on these great stories that we build a new edition each year, and we proudly watch as Innovative TechTalks begins to grow a life of its own. Yet Innovative TechTalks will always hold its identity and root in that main wish to share knowledge and that small team that made it all possible 3 years ago, on that first edition.

This year we embark on a new learning journey. Join us for Innovative TechTalks 2021.

Stay innovative,

Team Maxcode


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