Self Review

By Andreea Adumitroaie

Iasi, march 17th, 2014

I can’t believe that four months already passed, and now we are wrapping things up, and evaluating ourselves. Before I started the internship I made a list of major objectives that I wanted to improve/learn during it.

Beside of improving my photoshop skills, learning new techniques, tools and principles to work more efficiently, I wanted to learn how to work in a team, since it was my first internship and I didn’t had that oportunity before. I wanted to give full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.

Even though I had some basic knowledge about scrum, I wanted to learn more about this and also to put into practice, to feel how is it working with thisframework of Agile methodology.

Another important objective was to improve my public speaking skills, to get rid of my fear and have more confidence in me.

After reviewing all these objectives, during this internship I was able to accomplish most of them.  It has been a wonderful experience, where I had the oportunity to learn so many things. I had a great communication with Adda and G-dan, they helped me to expand my creativity and alternative thinking to develop new ideas for and answers to work-related problems.

„Maxcode Library”, the internship project that I worked on, has been a chalenge in every sense, because I didn’t just create a design, I learn how to work in a team, to listen everybody opinion and together we manage to build an application from zero, by following some steps: researching, then creating a flow from customer persective by applying techniques from the UX domain.

The training in the first week and the blue team helped me to understand Scrum better and after that I try to apply it at „Maxcode Library” project by self-organizing, estimating and team work to reach a common goal. Still, I think that Scrum is a large chapter and I still have so many thinks to learn and apply it better.

In this internship I had the oportunity to create design for different projects platforms. „WhereTo”, the Android application that I worked with Stefan, was a great way to expand my knowledge about mobile design and consolidate a good collaboration with him that I hope to mentain into the future.

After this internship, I learned the importance of planning, and also from my perspective, as a designer, the importance of sketching  all the ideas before actually starting designing a project. I learn how to collaborate with developers, to create design that fits with the development process.

If I would have the oportunity to start again this internship I would improve the collaboration with the blue team, meaning that I would want to participate more on their projects so I could helped them more and also accumulate more experience by working with real projects and why not, trying to discuss with real customers on calls.

One of  the objectives that I didn’t manage to obtain is to improve the public speaking, but this will be my future goal.

Another thing that I will want in the future is to learn how to work with other Software products, like Illustrator and After Effects first. Moreover, I will want to improve more my designing skills, because Graphic Design is a large chapter and I will always have something new to learn.

In conclusion, this internship helped me a lot for my future carrier, as a graphic designer and self-motivated me to continue in this domain with passion and involvement.

Graphic Design represents to me the visual communication of ideas.The Maxcode experience has been opening my horizons and taught me to haven’t always reinvent the wheel but to make things simple and intuitive.

For all of that, thank you all Maxcode Team!


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