Self review

By Alexandra Baltariu

Iasi, January 1st, 2013

This past year had a really nice impact on my life being the year I started to live as an adult as in taking a job, yet better taking a job at Maxcode :-).

It was and it still is really great because I grew fond of this firm and the people in it since I was an intern. Being offered the chance to come back after my internship was better than I could have pictured it at the moment. There is nothing like getting back a thing you value and having the opportunity to make it more valuable and more important to you.

And so, baby steps, between morning coffees and team buildings, I started working and learning and I’ve been guided and leaded and advised in my work by my colleagues in order to become better. I had my ups and downs, moments I felt good for my work I did and felt appreciated, and moments I felt disappointed by myself for what I could not do at the moment. I still have them and I think it will always be like this, considering we never stop learning. And when you learn something, you sometimes do it by making mistakes, sometimes by discovering few things at a time, and by working really hard to achieve something. No matter of the way we learn, results always pays off.

I tried to get as involved as I could in the projects I’ve worked with and to have an opinion and to matter in my team. I plan to do the same in the future and hopefully, with more success.

In the matter of personal improvements, I plan to have greater courage in taking harder and harder tasks, in the idea of growing professionally. I also want to get more involved in the team decisions and discussions about projects, also to maintain a very good communication with my colleagues, because this leads to a better team work.

I can’t say that I am that far and I know that much that I predicted to be and know by now, that only I want to grow in knowledge every day and hopefully I am. I am pleased to be here and I think I am in an environment that provides me everything I need in order to get better at my work.


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