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Ionela Barbuta

A new job is an adventure. And an adventure it was for our colleague Andrei who traveled around 400 km to join Maxcode. His journey began in 2016 when one of our recruiters contacted him for an interview. Since Andrei was still in Constanta at that time, the initial discussion and technical test were handled remotely. Impressed by his knowledge, enthusiasm and desire to take the leap and change his life, our recruiter decided to ask him to visit our office and have a more detailed technical conversation with two of our developers.

Soon enough, the Maxcode team welcomed Andrei into his new role. As Andrei himself states, the first few days were a mix of emotions, challenges, new people and new requirements. Since the working style he adopted at his former employment did not match our Agile, iterative and transparent way of doing things, Andrei struggled a bit to put things together. But he had all the help he needed and even more.

“I started preparing my work environment and then we had the first daily meeting I’ve ever attended. Everyone presented their progress from the day before… in English. I was stunned <<What are we doing, why in English, what should I say, why in English, what or who is Padme, should I clap at the end? >>Nevertheless, I’ve presented my progress for that day, how I’ve installed Skype and Chrome on my computer, and things lightened up for me.”

Needless to say that he soon enjoyed the English daily meetings and his progress was considerable.

Let’s dive in

Andrei was really eager to become part of the team and start picking up tasks and responsibilities. His first “tasks” were to get used to the technologies he was going to work with, the project specifications and the organizational requirements.

As we at Maxcode believe in “learning by doing”, Andrei got the opportunity to build a small application using Angular. Following the accommodation period, during which he also got access to numerous Pluralsight tutorials and the undivided attention of his teammates who helped him overcome all the new challenges, Andrei was soon gently inserted into the Splintt project.

Since Agile is an instrumental part of product development, Andrei also attended the in-house Scrum training delivered by our colleague Andreea Zanfirescu.

“Another very helpful training was the one on Scrum held by Andreea. It helped me gain a clearer understanding of the main Scrum principles and how it is applied within Maxcode.”


All in all, during all this time spent at Maxcode, Andrei managed to expand his knowledge and technical skills on .NET technologies, JavaScript, Angular, LESS/CSS and SQL, to name but a few. On the non-technical side, he learned a lot about prioritization, how to manage his workload, work Agile and, as he happily mentions, he improved beyond expectations his English and his communication skills.

Andrei enjoying the Hackathon we organized in 2017

The team

“Simply the Best Team Ever! Seriously, these people are awesome.”

Well, obviously no further clarifications are needed here 🙂 Except for the fact that when a new member joins the team everyone pitches in to help him or her make the transition smoother and get used to the project, the client and the requirements.

“The team helped me a lot, not only with work-related stuff but with my personal life too. Because it is not easy to move to a new city where you didn’t know anyone. Another thing that I liked about the team is that we were always more than co-workers, we were friends. We went out to have some fun in the evening, met for coffee in the morning, gather for lunch and a lot of other things. And I want to thank them all.

Another thing that makes the difference at Maxcode is the transparency that is shared and promoted within the company. There are regular operational and financial meetings where we discuss the progress and the updates regarding projects, direction, and financial status.”

Andrei, Maxcode is also happy you’ve joined this amazing experience and wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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