Our approach

Within Maxcode we aim to create an environment in which everybody takes responsibility for the success of the project he or she is working on. In order to achieve this, we work with dedicated client focused teams and approach projects using Scrum. Each project is different and our experience is that over the course of time the modus of cooperation becomes team – customer specific. When we start with a new project, we use the following common approach:

  1. We meet with you. The first step is to have a meeting together with you and exchange ideas or concepts that form the first input for your future product.
  2. Create a brief. We work out these ideas and detail them in a memo that we send back to you. This increases mutual understanding of the ideas, concepts, and scope of the project.
  3. Select the project team. We determine which of our teams is most experienced to work on your project both from a business domain and technology perspective. The team is then involved to contribute to the project definition to better understand or even improve the idea.
  4. Create the product backlog.Together with you, the team creates a first version of the Product Backlog. The Product Backlog lists the to-be-delivered functionality in order of ‘what adds most value to the product or the business’.
  5. You play an active role. You will be part of the team as a Product Owner. You will play an active role, mainly in determining the functionality and the order/priorities of development.
  6. You receive a proposal.We create a proposal based on the last version of the Product Backlog. The proposal offers a couple of Sprints that enable you to start the development of the product.

Make software delivery a pleasant experience


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