Our agile working process tailored to your needs

At Maxcode, we aim to build a customer-centric environment where our employees are responsible for the success of their projects. Our dedicated teams are client-focused and their approach leverage Scrum to ensure client satisfaction. Because we know that every project is different, we commit to leveraging an agile work process to guarantee our teams stay customer-specific.

Meet Brief Team Backlog Active Role Proposal

Our approach when starting a new project

We meet with you

We set up a meeting to exchange ideas and brainstorm concepts to outline the demands of your future project.

Create a brief

We put together a brief to help us develop and expand your initial ideas and concepts, and we send them back for approval/feedback. This way we ensure that we have a mutual understanding of your project’s end goal.

Select the project team

We assign a team to work on your project. Maxcode is made up of 8 highly-skilled teams. The one chosen for you will be involved in defining and improving your idea up to the point it becomes a full-blown product.

Create the product backlog

We create the product backlog. The team assigned to handle your product will work on the first version of the product backlog, which lists to-be-delivered functionalities that add the most value to your product, and ultimately, your business.

You play an active role

We invite you to join the team as Product Owner and make decisions, such as determine project priorities and main functionalities through the development process.

You receive a proposal

We create a proposal based on the latest version of the product backlog. It will include a couple of Sprints to enable you to begin developing the product.

Define mvp

Architecture Spike
Design spike
Collect feedback
Update mvp

Deliver mvp

Product release & MVP

The trend these days is to release a product fast and perform ongoing updates throughout the development phase. It looks like the driving force behind management’s decision to work in an agile way. However, the approach can backfire.

Eric Ries talks in “The Lean Startup” about the challenges many people have when defining their product. Rather than spend too much time and resources assuming you know what goes where, you should leverage the power of Scrum.

At Maxcode, we believe in Scrum. Used correctly, the framework guarantees that the functionality with the most value for your product is built first. How do we determine what matters to you? We make an MVP (minimum viable product).

Although a competent product owner uses his skills to collect as much information as possible from stakeholders and prioritise it the Product Backlog, the most honest type of feedback is gathered in the testing phase from real users. Although the product will not be final, it pays to test ahead of time in order to assess what works and what doesn’t.

The MVP is better described as a strategic process based on idea generation, prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis and learning. The end goal is to build a good product that customers would want to buy.

Each phase has clearly-defined results:

  • Application outline
  • Feedback-data collection
  • Gathering ideas for the next version of MVP

At Maxcode, we encourage you to release your app in the early stages to enable results in advance and figure out your customers needs and wants. Throughout the measuring and learning phases of your product, you should continue to refine your MVP and update your Product Backlog. Following these steps, we are ready to continue with the next release.

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