Our teams

Team Black

Brave, bold, open professionals who are never afraid to take on new challenges and always stand their ground when the time’s right
Loyal, motivated and committed workers who love what they do
Analytical thinkers who like to get to the bottom of things because curiosity is their strongest motive. We want to know what holds the world together deep down inside
Conscientious, cooperative and communicative people who are able to collaborate with all their colleagues and are willing to share their knowledge
Kind, rational and responsible colleagues who praise their peers and are always there if you need a piece of advice

Team Blue

We, the Blue team, are a blend of highly experienced people with promising enthusiastic talents. In terms of technology, we are using Microsoft stack for building web applications hosted in Azure cloud.
Our projects cover domains such as invoicing and payments, so you can ask us a thing or two about them. You’ll often see us engage into debates about technical stuff or process approaches with a strong focus on productivity, client and team.

Team Green

Hi, this is Team Green! We are developing banking and finance solutions for the Dutch mortgage and insurance market. On the technological stack we work with ASP .NET MVC, Web API, SQL and Angular JS.
For our development process we use Scrum and work closely with the client and the remote testing team in order to deliver high quality products. We try to be a self-organizing team, so we encourage learning new technologies and sharing them in “Dev talks” meetings, code review and pair programming sessions. For us mornings are better with a cup of coffee.

Team Orange

Minions molded in the fiery forge of Microsoft’s technologies, hardened in the great battle of ages, survivors of the ancient ASP Web Forms, conquerors of ASP MVC, part of the brotherhoods of jQuery and Angular, are here to stand the new trials of .NET Core.
Made the vows for the Holy Orders of eHealth and ePayments.
We stand united, in trouble and in gain, for teamwork is our creed. But no war is worth fighting without our weekly feasting and a pint or two to celebrate our prevails.

Team Pink

Behind The Paypers (www.thepaypers.com) is a passionate team of editors and marketers with offices in Amsterdam and Iasi, Romania providing a wide range of content products including online news, daily & weekly headlines, exclusive interviews or reports detailing developments in specific niche markets.
We travel all over the world to meet thought leaders and understand in-depth the direction in which the payment and ecommerce community is going. We work closely with the industry to facilitate authentic conversation and deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges brought by innovation in the financial system.

Team Red

They say Red is the color of passion, and passion is exactly what brings us together. The passion for quality, performance, security… for ultimately delivering a pixel-perfect product. Starting from 2014, we’ve been brewing a successful recipe of software development. Joining hands of iOS, Android and web developers have helped shape what is now known as OK, one of Maxcode’s most innovative projects.

Team Teal

In e-learning we trust and it is the one that made us grow strong and unite. We focus our efforts in creating and maintaining an e-learning platform called “Philpaper” using technologies like .NET framework, AngularJS, Azure Services.
Here we give each other freedom and support in order to grow in the direction we want in order to improve ourselves and our workflow.
We are Team Teal, knowledge seekers, young spirits who got united in order to make things happen, projects grow, clients happy and us better.

Team Turquoise

Team Turquoise is all about communication and creativity. We are master communicators and creative builders of e-learning content meant to integrate with several learning management systems, among which the Philpaper learning platform developed by Team Teal. Our learning modules can thus be accessed by users all over the world.
The tools of our trade are Articulate Storyline, Lectora Publisher, Adobe Captivate, Photoshop and Illustrator, but also our eye for all things pretty and precise, our epic sense of storytelling, and our determination to deliver quality products.
We believe in teamwork, ingenuity and an open mind to new challenges. We want to go where no other e-learning content team has gone before.

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