About Maxcode

Connect, evolve, enjoy – About us

Maxcode builds and delivers payment and identification software. We have years of experience in offering solutions for Banks, Payment Service Providers, and merchants. These solutions vary from modules that allow merchants to connect with their bank to complete  billing transaction-based systems.

As a Fintech constructor Maxcode excels in the development of online payments and electronic identification. Components developed by Maxcode are based on newest technology, built by engineers who are experienced developers, and also bring years of knowledge on the concepts behind many used payment methods and identification protocols.

We are your partner in developing ideas about new or improved services utilising xs2a (Access to the Account) opportunities provided in the most recent Payment Service Directive.

Our management team

Jules van den Berg
Managing Director
Claudiu Costan
Director Operations
Vlad Iliescu
Technique and Processes
Andrei Racoti
Finance & Procurement
Silvia Gandu

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